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Před 1700 lety byl svět pod vládou supersilné Mongolské říše. Jen jedno vítězství Kublajchánovi chybělo: Japonsko. Jaká síla zničila mongolskou armádu? Byli to japonští samurajové? Lidský omyl, nebo přírodní katastrofa? Dnes se archeologové snaží najít odpovědi i ztracenou flotilu 4400 lodí.

But at this pivotal moment in world-history the fleet vanished without a trace... What force destroyed the Mongol armada? Was it the legendary Japanese samurai? Human error? Or a natural disaster of catastrophic proportions? Now a Japanese marine archaeologist believes he has found the Mongol fleet. With an array of the latest marine forensic technology, he is revealing chilling new insights into the events of that fateful day. Can science finally solve the mystery of the Lost Fleet of Khubilai Khan?

The Empire of Genghis Khan: Part One of Empires Of The Mongols focuses on the life of Genghis Khan. Raised by his mother under the name of Temujin in relative poverty, his military skills soon won him acclaim and earned him the title of khan. Once elected, Genghis Khan defeated the neighbouring tribes of the Steppes and united them under him. With a mighty army he set out to pillage the rest of Asia and to expand his realm into northern China and to the fringes of Europe. At war he was a feared opponent and the barbarity of his forces was legendary, yet he had another side. He founded a capital city, laid down a code of law and fostered an exchange of trade and culture with the surrounding nations. Empires Of The Mongols takes a look at modern-day Mongolia to convey the harshness of the climate and the difficulties that would have faced a man such as Genghis Khan.

The Heritage of Genghis Khan: Part Two of Empires Of The Mongols starts in 1254 AD and follows the heirs of Genghis Khan and their way of life seen through the eyes of the Flemish Franciscan monk William Rubruck. The Franciscan monk travelled over 4,000 kilometres in the hope of promoting the conversion of the Mongols to Christianity. While he did not achieve his goal, he left a lively, carefully observed record of his travels. The Lore of the Mongols is a detailed description of Mongka, Khans palace at Karakorum and portrays a fascinating, exotic world of a nomadic people. The Mongols way of life described in detail has largely remained unchanged to this day. Empires Of The Mongols looks at how archaeologists are using Rubrucks description of the palace to try to locate the palace today, particularly the wonderful 4-metre-high silver tree that dispensed wine, mead and fermented mares milk.

From 1526 to 1858, the Mughals, a dynasty of nomadic Asian rulers, created a massive and powerful empire covering much of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, passing along an appetite for territory expansion and brutality. But they were also technological innovators and builders of some of the most enduring architecture in South Asia. Through their conquests and achievements, we learn about their military innovations like composite bows, matchlock guns, rocketry, chain mail, and cannons. We explore their feats of archery on horseback and use of elephants as fearsome weapons. And we examine their culture and enduring architecture, including palaces, forts, water systems, gardens, and the Taj Mahal-a tomb that took 22 years to build in honor of the most beloved of the sultans wives. Join us for a sweeping history of the military ambition, innovative weapons and battle strategies, material excess, architectural wonders, and cultural flowering that shaped modern India.'

Bruce makes his way to Mongolia to stay with the Darhad people. He stays with a family that carries on the tradition of herding cattle, sheep, and horses through steep valleys to find food for grazing. Although this family has satellite TV, there are no paved roads so traveling by horseback is essential and Bruce gets a crash course in horseback riding.
x Dokumenty o silné a dobyvačné říši Mongolů, která už je dávno historií... Vládcové jako Gengišchán, nebo Kublajchán si za své vlády podmanili obrovské území Asie.
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