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x Andrea Marshall: Queen of the Manta Rays Culture Heroes: Fernando Paiz Vanished: The Search for Michael Rockefeller Vincent J. Musi: Where the Wild Things Live Bryan Smith: Adrenaline Filmmaking Steve Winter & Alan Rabinowitz: Tigers Forever To Climb the World Sandra Postel: Troubled Waters Tim Cope: On the Trail of Genghis Khan Martin Schoeller: Kayapo Warrior Tribe Lynsey Addario: Lens on the Front Line Mike Libecki & Cory Richards: Antarctic Mountain Climbing Ed Viesturs: The Will to Climb The Call of Everest Photographer Jimmy Chin: Climbing Yosemite Peter Essick: Ansel Adams Wilderness Revisited Barry Clifford: Pirate Treasure Found Michael Nichols: Photographing Africa's Wildest Beasts Jennifer Pharr Davis: Triumph on the Trail Paul Nicklen: Emperors of the Ice Alone on the Ice: The Best Survival Story You've Never Heard Gadgets and Gizmos: Inside the Nat Geo Tech Lab Too Young to Wed The Unconquered: Brazil's People of the Arrow Mapping the Brain Greg Wilson: Cheetahs on the Run Buzz Aldrin: Mission to Mars Tim Laman & Ed Scholes: Birds of Paradise Travelers of the Year 2013 The Power of Photography to Reveal Andrew Evans: Digital Nomad Sky Caves of Nepal, Part 1: The Climber The Power of Photography to Prove Emily Ainsworth: Inside a Mexican Circus Salim Al-Hassani: 1001 Inventions Lale Labuko: Rescuing Children of the Omo Jer Thorp: Numbers That Paint the Picture Bethany Ehlmann: Commanding Robots on Mars Fredrik Hiebert: Peruvian Gold Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner: Conquering K2 Spencer Wells: The Human Journey A New Age of Exploration Sarah and Eric McNair-Landry: Kite-Skiing in the Arctic Palenque and the Ancient Maya World Carsten Peter: Inside the Nyiragongo Volcano Nalini Nadkarni: For the Love of Trees Michael Lombardi: Inventions Enable Diving to New Depths
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