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x Britská televizní stanice BBC má divizi Research & Development pro vyvíjení a implementaci svých vysílacích technologií.
What is R&D TV? It's a monthly technology programme made up of interviews from knowledgeable BBC developers, BBC project experts and experts from around the world.The programming comes in 3 forms. 1. A brief 5 minute video, containing all the very best bits 2. A longer 30 minute video, containing deeper conversations 3. The Asset Bundle, containing everything we used and didn't use to make the videos aboveWe expect most people will just enjoy the videos every month, so the 5 minute and 30 minute versions will be fine. If you want to explorer more or see footage which didn't make it into the cut for what ever reason, the Asset bundle is your friend. The clips are raw straight from our cameras and although this may be too much for most people, it makes great footage for those who want to remix and mashup our footage with there own or others.You can watch, rip, redistribute and remix all the contents of this package under http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/deed.en_GB a creative commons non-commercial attribution v2 licence.
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